Picatinny Weawer RAIL (MIL-STD-1913)     length 98 mm | 155 mm | 98 mm (upper)

RAIL Picatinny weaver MIL-STD-1913 length 98 and 155 mmRAIL according to the NATO standard designated for fixation of possible accessories to a firearm. Hardened duralumin ensures high strength, toughness and resistance to oxidation (even in salt water).

It is possible to fix it on various weapons, such as e.g. automatic gun Sa 58 or AK-47, and to enhance thus considerably its combat value.

Width 21mm, height 9 mm.

  • length 155 mm, weight 56 g
  • length 98 mm, weight 33 g


Cover for the RAIL


Plastic cover for the RAIL with length 98 mm. It covers the whole RAIL 98 mm – if it is empty. The cover surface is divided by grooves, which make it possible to cut the cover and remove the redundant part and then cover the RAIL again. You can use 2 pieces of this cover for a longer RAIL 155 mm. Length 109 mm.

WR-25     WR-27     Mounting for tactical flashlight

This mounting serves for fixation of various types of tactical flashlights on the RAIL Picatinny Weaver. Hardened duralumin type 6061. Sold separately without RAIL.

  • The type WR-25 is determined for the HELIOS and BARRACUDA flashlights, as well as for flashlights of similar shape and dimensions with diameter of 24,5 to 25,5 mm.
  • The type WR-27 is determined for TREX flashlight, as well as for flashlights of similar shape and dimensions with diameter of 26,6 to 27,5 mm.

WR-25 / WR-27 Assembly for tactical flashlight

LHR-25     Universal mounting for tactical flashlight on the gun barrel

LHR-25 Universal mounting for flashlights with body diameter 25–27 mm on gun the barrel 13–20 mm. Made of hardened steel varnished with powder paint.

PS-01     PS-02     Pressure switch for the ESP flashlights

Length 280 mm, it can be extended up to 800 mm.

  • The type PS-01 is determined for the HELIOS 10, HELIOS 3 ULTRAZOOM and BARRACUDA 5 flashlights. This switch IS NOT designated for HELIOS 3 and BARRACUDA 3 flashlights.
  • The type PS-02 is determined for flashlight TREX 3.

PS-01 / PS-02 Pressure switch for the flashlight Helios 3 or Barracuda 3

WG-01     Additional handle for grip of the gun

Additional handle for grip of the gun The handle is fastened to the gun on the rail 98 mm (Sa 58. AK-47). It increases significantly firmness and stability of holding. The handle is made of plastic material. It is fastened by its turning around the vertical axis.

Head of the handle is made of hardened duralumin type 6061. The body of the handle is made of black polyamide. Contrary to fully plastic handles this handle has high resistance.

It is successfully used by French forces in Afghanistan.

Weight 116 g. Total length 100 mm. Length of the handle itself 87 mm.


Holders for magazine

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