TB-21     TB-26     Training baton

Training batons are made in two lengths TB-21 and TB-26. They are highly wear resistant and their dimensions and weights correspond to telescopic batons of the length 21" and 26".

TBT-21     TBT-26     Thin training baton

The thin training baton is a more rigid variant of the ESP training baton type TB-21 or TB-26. Thanks to its slimmer and more rigid execution it enables training of various levers and fixations, which usually form and integral part of training of armed forces. Length 550 / 660 mm, weight 290 / 350 g.


TBU-21     Closed training baton


This version of the training baton is made of orange silicone and its shape is identical with that of the closed real ESP expandable baton. It is designated primarily for the possible training of self-defence techniques, as well as for realisation of various model situations.

Used material and manner of execution not only reduces considerably danger of injury at contact training, but is also prevents possible damage of the mat. Thanks to orange colour of the baton it is possible to recognise even at a distance that it is only a training aid.

Length 210 mm, weight 170 g.

TS-60-95     TS-50-70     Training bag

Training bag TS-50-70

The shields have been determined for the baton and tonfa training use. They absorb even very strong hits. The covering cloth is made of highly damage resistant material. It can withstand not only hits of training batons or training tonfas, but also hits of hardened steel batons, police tonfas or classical batons.

Designation of 
the training bag
TS-60-95 600 mm 950 mm 100 mm 4,7 kg
TS-50-70 500 mm 700 mm 100 mm 2,9 kg

TK-01     TKO-01     TK-02     TKO-02     Training knife

Plastic version of a commando knife has a form of a dagger. It serves for special defence training, as well as for realisation of model situations.

Plastic training knife TK-01TK-01Plastic training knife TKO-01TKO-01

We offer also a shortened version of plastic training knife – type TK-02, the dimensions of which correspond to the size of ordinary pocket knives.

Plastic training knife TK-02TK-02Plastic training knife TKO-02TKO-02

It is manufactured in two variants of stiffness. The stiffer version is marked as H (hard), and softer version is marked as S (soft). They serve for different levels of training. Color: black or orange.


Designation of the knife
TK-01-H stiffer black 290 mm 96 g
TK-01-S softer black 290 mm 101 g
TKO-01-H stiffer orange
290 mm 96 g
TKO-01-S softer orange 290 mm 101 g
TK-02-H stiffer black 220 mm 86 g
TK-02-S softer black 220 mm 91 g
TKO-02-H stiffer orange 220 mm 86 g
TKO-02-S softer orange 220 mm 91 g

TW-Glock 17     TW-Walther P99Q     Training pistol

Training silicone pistol Glock 17 or Walther P99Q is designated namely for the safest possible training of self-defence techniques using the pistol or techniques using hits with the pistol.

Used material and execution not only reduce considerably danger of injury at contact training, but they also prevent damage of wooden floor or training mat. Signal orange colour discerns it easily from the real gun. The edges are smoothed in order to prevent injuries during contact.

The area of barrel is reinforced with a steel tube, which is safely hidden inside the silicon body of the pistol. This reinforcement prevents bending of pistol and it gives it better impression of real gun.


  • 430 g .... Glock 17
  • 400 g .... Walther P99Q

tw-glock-17Training pistol TW-Walther P99Q

TW-Glock 17  |  Tréninková pistoleTW-Glock 17  |  Tréninková pistoleTW-Glock 17  |  Tréninková pistoleTW-Glock 17  |  Tréninková pistole

HT-01-T     Training version of textile disposable handcuffs

Training version of textile disposable handcuffs HT-01-T

We offer together with disposable handcuffs HT-01-Y or HT-01-B also their training version HT-01-T in red colour, which makes it possible to train handcuffing techniques without necessity of destroying real disposable handcuffs.

These handcuffs are equipped instead of fixation locks with silicon friction rollers, which enable smooth and easy fixation of handcuffs. They, however, exert slight resistance when the handcuffed person tries to release himself or herself from the handcuffs. They thus imitate behaviour of real handcuffs, but can be easily and safely taken off.

Expandable baton in practise   Training DVD

How to operate a telescopic baton? (more detailed information) >

Training DVD Training DVD

This training DVD explains very illustratively basic principles and elements of use of expandable baton and its accessories. It contains 16 chapters, duration of the film is 59 minutes.

Training DVD Expandable baton in practise

  1. Introduction
  2. Manual
  3. The Basics
  4. Possible effects of baton use
  5. Baton strike options
  6. Basic arc strike
  7. Self-defense: grasps
  8. Self-defense: strikes and kicks
  9. Self-defense: melee weapons
  10. On-duty use of the telescopic baton
  11. Tactical and prevention techniques
  12. Arresting techniques
  13. Restraining Techniques
  14. Forcing a person to exit a vehicle
  15. Baton maintenance
  16. The use of baton accessories

TT-24     Training Tonfa


We can supply the training tonfa TT-24 for training work with police tonfas. Their dimensions correspond to the type TR-24/59.

HTB-01     Holder for training baton or tonfa


It serves for rapid fixation of the training baton or tonfa during training, when instructor needs to free his hands for explanation of some training elements. It contains reinforced plate with Velcro hooks.

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