MH-MH-x4     Double plastic swivelling holder for two magazines 9mm Luger

Double plastic swivelling holder consists of the holders MH-xx (for magazine) connected by special adaptor. Advantage of this solution consists in saving the space on the belt.  Both holders rotate in respect to the belt simultaneously, while their mutual position remains unchanged. The adaptor makes it possible to accommodate easily the holders for carrying on the right or left side. The holder can be rotated in respect to the belt by full circle of 360 degrees with 16 locking positions.

Comprehensive system of ESP fixing brackets – more information >

Designation of the holderType of the fixation clipRotation
with MOLLE
Insertion without 
unbuckling the belt
MH-MH-04 UBC-01 X
MH-MH-14 UBC-02 
MH-MH-24 paddle Fobus  X
MH-MH-34 UBC-03  X X
MH-MH-44 UBC-04 

MH-MH-04  |  MH-MH-14  |  MH-MH-24  |  MH-MH-34  |  MH-MH-44

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