DM-160     DM-220     Detection mirror

DM-160This detection mirror serves for inspection of hazardous spaces and for under vehicle inspections. The mirror’s curved shape is very advantageous as it greatly increases the angle of observation. The mirror is fixed to the rod with a swiveling joint, which makes it possible to adjust the angle of observation.

It uses duralumin lightweight telescopic rod, the length of which can be adjusted from 500 mm to 1 050 mm and then collapsed back to compact dimensions. Anti-slip handle enables safe grip. The mirror can be easily removed from the rod for easier transport.

Detection mirror with lighting

All types of mirrors can be equipped with a lighting for inspection of darker spaces. It is possible to choose between 2 types of flashlights:

  • MAGNUM with 14 LED
  • TREX 3 with 3W Cree LED chip


The flashlight is fastened directly to the mirror. It means that after the mirror is adjusted into the optimal angle, it is not necessary to further adjust the flashlight. Thanks to this the searched space will always be illuminated ideally.

The flashlight can be easily removed from the mirror and used separately. Power supply of both flashlights is ensured by 3 alkaline AAA batteries.


Special handle for detection mirror

Detection mirror can be equipped with a special handle, which considerably reduces straining of arms during its long-time use. Type DM-220 is supplied only with this type of handle.

Designation of
the mirror
LightingDiameter of
the mirror
Diameter of
reflective surface
DM-160 162 mm 145 mm 640 g
DM-160-LM MAGNUM 162 mm 145 mm 900 g
DM-160-LT TREX 3 162 mm 145 mm 900 g
DM-220 218 mm 204 mm 965 g
DM-220-LM MAGNUM 218 mm 204 mm 1 225 g
DM-220-LT TREX 3 218 mm 204 mm 1 225 g

Strap for detection mirror

Detection mirror is equipped with an adjustable strap, so that mirror can be hanged on the shoulders when its user needs to free his hands for other activities (for example at the checkpoint in case of sudden need to grasp the gun).


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